Losing myself, like again

I have reverted to my original self. I had been a slob, and also lazy to update this blog. I had a lot to talk about, but right now due to I’m writing this at my work place it seemed like it had given up the vibe that I initially had when I first started this blog. I wanted so much for this blog to represent me, and yet I had been secretive with my own blog.

I do write. I write in my own diary, in my own sweet time. I cursed and I wrote down everything that I felt into the paper. Maybe it was who I really am. I am too scared to even type down what I feared most. I was constantly be reminded that what’s on the Internet will stay on the net, and I figured I had so much things to lose.

And yet, I didn’t want to lose this blog. I wanted to grasp onto the last thin line of whatever remaining in this blog. I wanted to type down, pouring my heart out.

But somehow I can’t even do that.


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